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Written by on October 18, 2009


There is nothing in the world better than a fall Sunday morning. I love the smell of the crisp morning air, lazy sun-lite shinning through the window, and the anticipation of football flowing in the bloodstream.  But what is one to do as they wait for the day to kick into action? Absolutely nothing Sunday is the time to meditate on the upcoming week, and turn on a little music and get your mood right. While I was plotting this morning I decided to dig deep in the vaults to quench my morning thirst. This week’s selection is Bobby Caldwell , “The Cat in the Hat.”

Now some of you may already be up on this jewel, however some of us may need our coat tugged. Bobby Caldwell, who has a 30 year career, is probably most known for his 1978 commercial hit “What We Do for Love.”  But it is this album that is, in my opinion, his most artistic output. I have run across few albums in my day that I can play from start to finish; The Cat in the Hat is one of them.

The Cat in the Hat is a musical opus that serves as a chronicle for a relationship from that went wrong. It is the Ultimate Break-Up Album with themes running from; regrettably ending a relationship, to holding on to long to a love that is gone, to coming to grips with the fact that it is indeed over. Bobby covers the whole gamut here with a sincerity that is unfortunately missing from much of today’s music.

The Cat in the Hat is the perfect album to play from A-Z, when you have something on your mind, when you need the perfect background soundtrack as you do what you do, or when you just want to take it easy and enjoy Sunday morning.

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